Archaeological museum

Located on the main road leading from the port to the church of Megalochari. You will find a rich collection of pottery and household items from various periods, vases of the geometric period and amphorae and large clay pots and tombstones of the 5th century, found in Exombourgo and in Cavos. Pieces of the Poseidon and Amphitriti temple are exhibited in the courtyard of the museum.

In the museum there is also a rare collection of ancient coins of Tinos on display as well as a beautiful mosaic floor found in Panagia.

Giannoulis Chalepas museum

The works of the great Greek sculptor (Pyrgos 1851-1938) are exhibited in the Cultural Center of the Holy Foundation.

The artistic career of the sculptor is divided into three periods. The exhibition includes 19 works of the second period, among them “Satyr and Eros II”, V and VI, “Ariadne Sleeping”, “Angel”, etc. A first period work is “Affection” (1875) and a third period one is the “Annunciation in plaster” (1936).

Art Gallery

Established in 1961 following a donation to the Panhellenic Holy Foundation of Evanghelistria of Tinos, it includes many important works of Greek and foreign painters.

The visitor can admire great works made by the two major greek painters of the 19th century, born in Tinos, Nikiforos Lytras (Shepherd, Nigger, Landscape, Portrait of a Man, Portrait of a Woman, The Peasant) and Nikolaos Gyzis (Penelope Gyzis, My Mother Kyra Taro).

In the final section of the gallery you can see a collection of precious European masterpieces, African carved ivory (offered by expatriates), as well as portraits of the donor’s family.